Refurbished Doors: a Restore Find

One of our favorite stores to shop around for home renovation items, is our local Habitat for Humanity store (the Restore.) If you haven’t heard of Habitat for Humanity, or their affiliated stores, check them out here:

The Restore receives donations from local donors that are renovating their homes, or from local contractors. Everything there, is construction related!

Back to my story; Sam and I were browsing their stock about a month ago, and low and behold, our new doors. Solid wood (Alder or Pine) with one door having been painted white on one side, and a matching door with a mirror, painted white on both sides. $65 each.

A white solid wood door with dents in the panel and molding with a silver door handle

There were a few dings and dents, so here’s how we fixed it up:

  1. Applied wood filler in the dented areas. Use a putty knife to stuff in the wood filler. The the wood filler dry.
  2. Sand high spots or rough patches smooth. Run your hand over this area with your eyes closed. If you can feel a texture, you will probably be able to see it through the paint. You should only need to use 220 grit.
  3. Apply a fresh coat of paint!

The doors looked brand new! Here’s our video and a little behind the scenes on our awesome door find:

Then, all we had to do was install the door, since it was already framed. Piece of cake, right? Well, after we installed the door and started using it, we quickly realized that it was installed backwards! We had to walk around the door to flip the light on. So, we ended up getting the experience of two installs in one. Hahaha… well, we won’t be making that mistake again! Here is the finished product:

A white solid wood door with a fresh coat of paint hung in a door frame in a room with two tone green and gray paint with a chair rail and molding around the door. No door knob installed
Inside the bedroom
A white solid wood door with a fresh coat of paint hung in a door frame in an unfinished room with sound board on the walls
Living room side

So, all in all, we were very happy, and excited to find pre-framed doors that we could use for so cheap.

What are some good resources that you use for your DIY home improvement projects? Help a girl out!

With love, Erika Nora

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