DIY Baseboard Installation

For Christmas, my parents had Sam and I help out with installing new baseboards at my brother’s townhouse. For some people, home improvement projects just aren’t exciting… and since Sam and I had completed all the molding in our new bedroom; which they were impressed with, it was decided that we would help out.

Jörgen had just fixed part of his wood floor near the kitchen and bathroom (my lovely niece had left the water on in the bathroom, which got into the flooring, and warped a section of it out.) and the baseboards were ready to install.

We went to our local home improvement store, picked out some baseboards, and got to work painting.

If you are painting ANYTHING, I highly recommend the Husky HVLP pneumatic paint sprayer. This has been an invaluable tool for us in our home improvement process. There is no comparison with an old fashioned paint brush. The paint goes on evenly, and dries very smoothly, with no stroke marks, bubbles or blemishes.

After painting, we raced over to Jörgen’s house and started the install.

Gray wall and oak floor with baseboard removed and a new baseboard ready to install

I knew there would be some sort of hiccup (there’s always something you don’t plan for) and it ended up being the corners. They were all rounded! We thought about making them square, but then decided that would just end up looking like an amateur hack job. Sam and dad figures out how to cut the corner pieces; divide a 45 degrees cut into two 22.5 cuts!

With all the outside corner pieces cut, we then needed to figure out how to round the out to fit up against the drywall. At this time, we had only had our bench top disc/belt sander for 5 days, and it ended up being the perfect tool. The end of the belt had the perfect angle of round-off to sand down the middle of these pieces for the perfect fit.

After our first visit for 4+ hours, we still hadn’t finished. Sam ended up going back over for another 5 hours, and that completed the job. 13 hours for install. Then I went back, and did the caulking along the top of the baseboards, and our job was finished. (Jorgen is going to finish up the puttying any other touch ups.)

I’m pretty impressed with how it all came out!

Baseboard installed on rounded corner with wooden medium colored wooden floor

With Love, Erika Nora

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