Minwax PolyShades Spray Stain/Poly in one: A Review

Nope. Don’t do it. well, at least that’s our conclusion:

Sam purchased this Minwax Polyshades from Lowe’s For $10 and change, and we were hoping that it would be a great solution to get the drawer boxes for apothecary #3 stained and poly’ed quicker.

Minwax Polyshates Bombay Mahogany Spray Can with the lid off and drawer boxes that had been sprayed with this product in the background

Here’s what happened. We had 12 drawer boxes that needed to be finished, to match the new drawer box bottoms. (Which have a new high-class feature we tried, and turned out beautifully! More to come on that) The color that was chosen is Bombay Mahogany; and it’s really the perfect shade! Sam sprayed the boxes… and ran out of spray mid-way. Went back to Lowe’s, bought another can, and ran through that can as well.

drawer box frames partially sprayed with minwax polyshades bombay mahogany

You can see that these boxes are still not done, after 2 cans! Additionally, this method proved to be difficult to avoid dripping and spray marks. The can wouldn’t spray consistently, despite shaking. There would be spurts of stain, and spurts of poly.

close up image of a drawer box fram sprayed with minwax polyshades bombay mahogany that shows messy spray marks

The spray cans just didn’t provide the quality that we were going for. Sam felt like this was a product that is better off being used on one small flat surface area that need color and sealant, not on rectangular box drawers that needed a coat on all sides, inside and out. The Minwax is meant for more of a hobbyist, and not for any type of production type application.

That being said; I feel we have to use the same product to finish this project. That’s my opinion; but we’ll see what Sam does. This is his baby. If the quality isn’t there, he’ll figure out a way to fix it. Watch for Apothecary #3 to find out how these drawer boxes came out.

Here’s to learning!

With Love, Erika Nora

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