Mid-February Thrift Store Home Decor Flips

While I’ve been interested in painting lately, I’ve also picked up on my eye for gaudy French style decor. Check out these beauties:

A picture collage of 3 golden and brown home decor pieces; one a medium sized container, one a candle holder with six spots for candles, and one book end

I felt I could make these pieces more relevant and practice some painting techniques at the same time.

I had a new color- Navy Blue. I tried drilling some holes in the candle holder, to place my paint brushes in, but that proved to be a disaster, so I knocked out all of the holes. I painted the candle holder with two coats of blue.

A blue box with floral raised panels and six holes in the top

While I was painting this piece with the first coat, I saw that I needed to try dry brushing. This is where you barely have any paint on your brush when painting with a second color. It accents the high spots, just like distressing does, but you are adding another layer of paint instead of rubbing paint off.

It took me a day to decide what the secondary color should be. This blue really reminded me of my mother, and how she loves pottery and home decor that is white and blue, so white it was:

A blue and white box with floral raised panels and six holes in the top

Next was the book end. Another new color I had picked out was a gray off white. (I picked up a china hutch on our local classifieds site, and have been pondering what color of white to paint it, and I think this color will be perfect.)

A white French floral book end

I wanted to accent the low points on this one, and since I had more black wax left over from the Little Pie Safe, I used it.

Using a chunky wax brush, I loaded some black wax on, and jammed the wax into those crevices, working my way back and forth until a good layer was on the piece. I let it sit for a few minutes, and then wiped off the excess.

A white French floral book end waxed with black wax

And lastly was the French Container. This one looked a tiny bit more masculine, and I wanted to try using a white wax, so I painted two layers of gray:

A round tall box with Raised French decorations all around it painted gray

I’ve seen videos of how to mix your own tinted wax, so I gave it a try. I used Dixie Belle’s Best Dang Wax with their off white “Fluff” chalk paint.

Using the same method of applying wax as described above, I applied the wax and wiped it off:

A round tall box with Raised French decorations all around it painted gray and waxed with white wax

Here’s all of the before and after photos:

A photo collage of a gold six place candle holder box, the painted blue, then dry brushed white

A photo collage of a gold French floral book end, then painted off white, then waxed black in the crevices

A photo collage of a gold and red French round box with a highly decorative lid, painted gray and then waxed white in the crevices

What do you think?

With Love, Erika Nora

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