Sam’s Work Bench

We’ve been painfully aware that our workshop needed a better flow for about a month now. Navigating large pieces of wood around machines has been getting a bit tiresome. Our previous shop setup sported a compound miter saw in the middle of the room on a table, with sawhorses at each end to hold pieces of wood while cutting. Well, that saw position just wasn’t cutting it for us. (Do I hear a pun?)

To the drawing board! Sam whipped up a new miter saw station!

A square table frame made of 2x4’s in a workshop

Using some old 2×4’s, he made the first table frame.

Then before I knew it, he had cut some sheets of melamine, and made a second table!

A square table with melamine countertop and shelf underneath with a second table frame sitting on top of it in the process of being made and a man looking at the unfinished table

And when I took a third look, the station was complete!

Two tables made of 2x4’s and melamine tips with melamine shelves underneath on either side of a miter saw on a stand.

So this really took Sam about a day to make. I must have been real busy cooking and cleaning. Ok, probably painting.

And with a new blade on the miter saw… the thing cuts like butter. I had to cut a piece of Oak, which prompted me to ask Sam if my wood was really Pine.

“Nope, that’s Oak all right. I changed the blade!”

Note: Change your saw blades when cutting hard wood gets hard. (And a double entendre too?! I’m on a roll!)

With Love, Erika Nora

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