How to Mix and Apply Colored Epoxy

You will need:

  • Disposable Cup (We use plastic cups from the grocery store.)
  • Disposable tool to mix (we use a clean wooden dowel)
  • Gloves
  • Dye

Side Note: if you are pouring epoxy into a medium that is very porous, you will need to apply the epoxy in two coats. The first coat will be painted on with a paint brush to seal the medium and prevent bubbling.

We weren’t very pleased with the epoxy that we purchased at Harbor Freight, so we found this new epoxy online:

Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin And Hardener bottles sitting on a counter top.

Get the disposable container to put the epoxy in. You will be pouring a 50/50 ratio of the epoxy and hardener.

If you want a colored epoxy, mix the dye into the first half of the epoxy.

A plastic cup with epoxy in it and some dye one the top and a spoon in the epoxy

Add the dye a little at a time until you achieve the desired color. Remember, you can always add more dye, but you can’t take the dye back out. Mixing the dye into the first portion will help to prevent bubbles when mixing the hardener. If you do get bubbles, let the epoxy sit for a few minutes before adding the hardener.

Add the hardener at the same ratio as the first portion of the epoxy. Mix well for about 5-10 minutes. Stir slowly and avoid whipping in any bubbles. These bubbles can set in the epoxy while curing. Note: the hardener is a lot thinner than the epoxy, which will also thin out your mixture when stirred together.

A plastic container with red epoxy resin in it

Slowly pour the epoxy into the crevice you want to fill. Never scrape the sides of your container; no matter how well you think you mixed the epoxy, there will be some unmixed liquid that settles on the sides and bottom of your container, causing issues when the epoxy tries to set if you try to scrape it all out.

We ended up using some syringes with the needles removed to apply the epoxy more carefully:

Bench with a crevice being filled with epoxy using a syringe with the needle removed, and the container of mixed epoxy sitting on the bench

When the epoxy is poured, set the piece aside in a dust free area and let it cure.

We let our bench sit over night, and it turned out very well!

The end of a bench with a crevice between the end and the molding with red epoxy resin

There are no bubbles, and the epoxy cured extremely clear. I’m loving this brand of epoxy!

With Love, Erika Nora

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