Spring Cleaning 2019

These past couple of weekends, we have slowed down on building and flipping furniture. I have projects I desperately want to finish that are just screaming my name; but something else is happening around here. Dejunking. Everything.

I’ve wanted to reclaim my house around here for a couple of months now, and I’ve gone through my closet more than once. I’ve dejunked and gone through other little corners at my own convenience, but Friday hit me in the face.

While I was at work, Sam texted me, “I’m cleaning the kitchen.”

Oh great! This is wonderful. I’ll come home to a nice clean kitchen!


A messy kitchen

This is what I came home to.

Sam had removed every item from every single cabinet, and had scrubbed every nook and cranny of our kitchen cabinets.

“I want to know where everything is at, and I want everything in it’s place.” He explained.

Fair enough. It was time for a major reorganization. We had been walking back and forth between our Mahogany cabinet built ins, and our kitchen area for months now. We had a lazy Susan in the corner by our kitchen sink that was virtually useless. We have storage items in the prime real estate in the kitchen when these items should have been stored in our mahogany cabinets.

It took all weekend to go through every single cabinet, including our 6 Mahogany built in cabinets; (a total of 9 cabinets and one pantry) pulling all our food and storage out, carefully contemplating its frequency of use, and assigning it a new home. We ended up with six garbage bags, 2 recycling bags, and a donate bag. Talk about a ton of junk! We no longer have 35 drinking glasses and coffee mugs; just about 10 now. We no longer have 20 shaker bottles; downsized to about 7.

All of our spices?

A spice rack with lots of bottles filled with cooking spices and the background of the rack is a canvas art piece with black, red and gold


A decorative spice rack with organized cooking spices

That spice rack shelf is one that Sam built years ago, displaying some canvas and oil art he used to do a lot of.

And you are probably wondering; how can someone have so much food and food storage? Here’s the deal; we live in Utah, which is Mormon country. (I actually grew up a bit Mormon, getting baptized and going to church when I was little) And, if you know Mormons, you know they love their food prepping and food storage! For years, the apostles have gone on about storing enough food to feed your family for a couple of years. I’ve totally been on that band wagon, and so has Sam. We even decided that we should probably purchase 200 lbs more food for storage, but that’s another topic. Old canning jars around here are 25 cents at thrift stores, and fill the shelves. Canning food is alive and well here in Utah.

Here’s my nice clean kitchen:

A clean kitchen with laminate countertops and builders grade cabinets

And the Mahogany cabinet built in counter top, nice and clean as well:

Mahogany built in cabinets with a mahogany counter top and a liquor collection on top

So, after putting off projects and furniture builds for another weekend, it’s back to the old grind; and I can’t wait to show you Sam’s new Barn Red Midcentury Modern Apothecary! It’s almost finished!

With Love, Erika Nora

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