How to Make Your Paint Crackle or “Chip”

I recently picked some miniature shutters, and knew I wanted an old white crackled painted look. I knew there were painting products to help achieve this look, but I didn’t have any at home… so I went to good old google! Here is the process I followed on a test piece using some acrylic based chalk paint:

1. Paint your base coat a color you would like to show through the crackled top layer when it’s complete. The colors I chose for this test piece is a mossy green and a dark brown. I overlapped the green over some of the brown to see if the crackle would show both colors:

A green and brown painted piece of wood

2. Then paint wood glue evenly where you want the crackle to show. It’s important to note that whichever direction you paint your glue, is the direction the paint will crack. I painted over the entire test piece using Gorilla Wood Glue:

A piece of wood with glue brushed over the entire piece and Gorilla Glue in the background

3. Then paint on your top color (I chose white) while the glue is still tacky and let it fully dry.

A couple of hours later, and viola! Crackled paint look!

A whit crackled painted piece of wood

The dark brown (on the top of the above picture) ended up showing through better than the green (on the bottom of the above picture), but there wasn’t a very discernible difference, and overlapping the colors didn’t make both colors bleed through.

I’m loving it!

With Love, Erika Nora

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