Midcentury Modern Double Dresser Part 1

After Sam made me my new Cowboy Cabinet, we knew that Midcentury Modern was more our style for furniture. I have to say I’m very in love with my little dresser, and the leather lined drawers are just so fabulous!

The next build will match my cabinet, but will be short and wide, with two rows of drawers.

Here are the raw materials:

Reclaimed oak barn wood layed out on a table in a workshop The two boards on the far right will be drawer fronts, the two wide boards in the middle will make the dresser box itself in a waterfall style, and the three boards on the left are for the molding.

Reclaimed oak barn wood up close view before milling

I just love the detail and character that these old pieces of wood have.

Reclaimed oak barn wood with old dirt still on it

Above is a photo before Sam wire brushed and cleaned off the dirt on this piece.

Here is the after photo:

Reclaimed oak barn wood after being wire brushed and cleaned

What an amazing transformation! You can actually see the cathedral grain now! This board is one of the two that will be the frame of the dresser. Watch for the five nail holes in the upcoming pictures.

Sam layed up two of the boards on a substrate to make the box of the dresser, then mitre cut the board for the waterfall effect. It’s my favorite look!

Reclaimed oak barn wood dresser corner with a waterfall cut

Then he attached the back molding. Here is an up close view of the top of the dresser. Look at that character!

Reclaimed oak barn wood layed up next to each other with a close up view of old nail holes, cathedral grain and saw tooth marks

Here is a view of the box frame:

Reclaimed oak barn wood layed up on a substrate and mitre cut at two corners for a continuous pattern along the side, on to the top and flowing down the other side

And another edge view, because I’m in love:

I can’t get enough of this baby! Now for the drawer boxes… hopefully they will get done this week.

With Love, Erika Nora

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