Barn Wood Bench: Finishing the Epoxy

We weren’t quite satisfied with the epoxy we purchased at Harbor Freight and applied on our larger barn wood bench. It was a quick setting epoxy, which cured with bubbles in it, and turned out to be a bit foggy. (We probably mixed it too quickly, and whipped the bubbles into it.)

Recognize this photo? Reclaimed barn wood with a circle in the corner of the molding with quick setting red epoxy resin in it. This was our first epoxy pour in a piece of furniture.

I purchased a different kind of epoxy to try out. It was much more economical, and it also set at a slower rate. See my How To Apply Epoxy post.

We put off pouring epoxy in the smaller bench that nests under the larger one for a few months now, but finally got around to getting some epoxy into that crevice between the end of the bench top and the molding: A reclaimed oak barn wood branch top with red epoxy in a crevice between the end molding and the top board This new epoxy allowed for a couple of hours of work time, and dried very smooth. I couldn’t find one bubble anywhere! This is our new go to Epoxy by East Coast Resin.

With Love, Erika Nora

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