Mini Shutters; a Thrift Store Flip

I have to tell you, I’m really excited about this one… it all started when I began following Joan, Scavenger Chic. This woman has a collection of shutters that she regularly up-cycles, and writes step by step instructions on how to make creative and decorative items out of shutters! So when I came across these old beauties, I got really excited:

Mini shutters spray painted a shimmering gold with a decorative emblem at the top

With spring just around the corner, my eye was leaning towards an old white chippy look, with moss growing across them.

Here we go!

There was a layer of wax on these, so I took some sand paper to them, and got most of it off. There were some spots which were very difficult to sand, so I just left the wax on there, and figured I want the piece to look old and antiqued, so if the paint doesn’t stick, oh well!

To make them look chippy, I followed the steps in my post: How to Make Your Paint Crackle or “Chip”

I left the gold on for the base coat, so I started pouring on the glue over parts of the shutters:

A mini gold shutter with an emblem on the top and wood glue poured over areas of the piece

I took a chippy paint brush (which we have found is the cheapest to purchase at Harbor Freight for under $1 a piece) and smoothed our the glue:

A close up view of a chippy brush painting glue on a mini shutter painted in gold

It’s important to note that whichever direction you paint the glue, is the direction that your cracks will form.

I painted the glue on both shutters:

Two mini shutters with an emblem on top painted in gold and wood glue painted over parts of it

Then came the top layer of paint:

Two mini shutters painted white

I let the glue dry up more than I should have before painting, and you can see where areas have gummed up, and these guys gave me some bleed through:

An up close view of miniature blinds painted a crackled white, and the base coat is bleeding through, and the paint looks gummed up

Its a good thing I’m kinda going for this look!

After overnight drying… I’m in love!!

A miniature blind with an emblem on top painted a chippy white

Now for the mossy look. I had salvaged some fake moss from a fake palm tree in which I up-cycled the planter container. I thought this moss would be a good addition.

I dry brushed some areas I wanted the moss to be:

Mini shutters painted a chippy white with a strip of mossy green painted over it

I painted glue over the green and started applying the fake moss. It looked horrible! I was so panicked that I missed taking a picture of it, and ran over to the sink to wash the paint and glue off the shutters. And what I got was even better!

Two mini shutters with an emblem on top painted white and mossy green

You can see the where the glue was over the green; when I washed it off, it took some green paint off with it!

Next, I rubbed on some Dixie Belle Grunge Glaze:

Two mini shutters with an emblem on top painted white and mossy green with Dixie Belle grunge glaze rubbed over them

What do you think?

With Love, Erika Nora

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