Painted Mason Jars: my Paint Collection

I previously wrote about making painted mason jars to give away some of our plants in. (Our Jade tree is really taking off, and producing some children)

These jars are pretty charming, and I’ve even taken to making boxes for them too!

Painted mason jars in a gray box sitting on top of a decorative fleur de lis art piece on top of a solid oak table

In the mean time, I’ve also been collecting new chalk paint. I started out with Dixie Belle’s Chalk paint (which is really my favorite brand so far) but I’ve found a resource that’s been more economical for me; using Michael’s 40% off coupons one at a time and buying chalk paint there. Every time Sam and I are running about town and we drive by, we stop.

What I’ve discovered is that the color swatches that are displayed in the store are a little off, and I’ve taken to discovering the true paint colors by painting my mason jars! Here’s some of my collection: Three painted mason jars in teal, beige and dark gray with silk dahlia and amaranth flowers (Those flowers are from Dollar Tree) Painted mason jars in teal, red, rusty red, gray and white sitting on a reclaimed wood shelf

Now I’m working on making little boxes to help organize and display my mason jars; and I will use a similar application with these boxes. Each one I’ll stain a different color so I can tell what stain and what color of paint I want to use for my next project!

I’m also thinking of using paper clay molds to spruce them up a bit.

What do you think?

With Love, Erika Nora

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