Tackling our Yard

So we live in Utah. It’s a desert. And we try to grow things. In the desert. 🤷‍♀️

It’s lush and green right now, and it’s only a matter of time until the fiery sun serves its wrath upon my beautiful estate. The challenges we have been facing are:

  • No watering system
  • Thistles from hell
  • Patchy grass
  • Rocky soil

Adult peer pressure: seeing your neighbor mow their lawn

Now, if we mow our yard without a plan in place for watering, it will turn to dust. And possibly ashes. But who wants to go to work all day, then come home and take care of the yard? Not me. We’ve got to figure out how to work smarter, not harder.

I know in the long run, we will have to install a sprinkler system, and for now, we are going with an above ground sprinkler system. We purchased hose and heads for a small run around our front yard last year at Lowe’s, and pointed the heads at our shrubs and trees in the front, and it did us well!

This year, we will have to shorten the run, because our water is coming from our pump in the house, and the pressure was too low last year to fulfill the end circuit.

Step one? Tackling the grass situation. This is what we are dealing with:

A house with log landscaping and spring grass that has not been mowed yet.

A house with timber and rock landscaping and spring grass that has not been mowed yet.

We got around to taking inventory of our yard supplies. Our weed wacker? Kaput. Our lawn mower? Wont start. So before we even get to the lawn, here it goes for troubleshooting! 🎉

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. Oh NO! Nothing worse than getting yourself all ready to jump into something and the tools are fighting you! Hope everything comes together. I would love to see how it comes out! I know it will look awesome when cleaned up!

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    • Thanks Kelley! We purchased an electric weed wacker, and I’ll be posting my review on that guy here in a little bit. And the lawnmower troubleshooting. Thanks for the well wishes 😊


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