Ryobi One + 18v Lithium Cordless 10” String Trimmer

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Last weekend, we pulled out our old weed eater to get started on the yard. And can you guess? It wouldn’t start. We’ve had this thing for 5 years, and purchased it second hand for about $50. Not bad, eh?

Last year it wouldn’t start, and I figured out it needed a new primer button. $5, and we were off the the races all season. Well, this year trying to start it is just down right frustrating. I put the choke on, Gabe it a few pulls, and it was turning over great. Half choke? Nothing. Choke off? Nothing. Full choke back on? Nothing. So I set it down for a couple of hours, and tried this same routine again. Same results. (Does that make me insane? Expecting different results?) Dang it! Well, I’ll probably try a few more things before I put it up for free on my local classifieds.

One new yard budget purchase: weed wacker (and blower!) $120

Here is our new toy:

Ruining one + 18v lithium cordless 10” string trimmer and blower kit

I popped the battery in, and was off to the races! It lasted about 15 minutes before the packed battery died, so I charged the battery over night. The first charge got me 20 minutes. So I charged it again. The second charge got me 30 minutes.

This is both good and bad. Here’s the downside, and I can only list one: the battery life is low. The upsides? Oh man! Being able to pop that battery in and attach the yard is amazing! I used to need Sam to help me start the gas weed wacker. And the string? It automatically pushes itself out. With the gas wacker, I would have to stop the motor, take out the spindle, pull out more string, install the spindle back in, and then restart the motor. Not with this baby! As long as the battery is going, there is no stopping me!

And to be honest, the low battery life isn’t all that bad. It gives me interval breaks to focus on smaller patches of the yard.

We will be purchasing a new battery though.

Another feature, is that the string comes in spindles to install once your string runs out. No more winding that plastic string yourself! They come in a package of 3 for $22.

Overall, this product gets a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating from me.

5/21/2019: update! I’m changing this review to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Check it out here!

With Love, Erika Nora


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