Tuesday Photo Challenge – Vista


While I was on my lunch break the other day, I came across a post by pensitivity101 who posted a challenge by Dutch goes the Photo!

The theme? Vista! How perfect for me!

On Monday this week, we took a quick run to the dump, which provided the perfect view of my favorite portion of the Rocky’s. (I know, not so charming, but maybe just forget about that last paragraph). Something just grabbed at me to snap a few shots, so I did, and now I’m so glad!

I was born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah. The winters are strong, and we definitely have some awesome ski resorts all over the place. My dad was on the ski patrol early on in his parenthood, and he taught my brother and I how to Ski. After becoming teenagers, Jorgen learned how to snowboard, and taught both my dad and I!

The Summers are strong too… and my parents also owned a boat. We would spend our weekends at local lakes, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding and skiing.

If you are looking for some good hunting or fishing? This place is for you too! My uncle has taken me out a couple of times, and I once got myself a big elk.

I love these giant mountains that nestle me in my little valley. Can you see why?

Thanks for the challenge, and a reason to share my beloved photos of my home ❤️

With Love, Erika Nora


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