Power Washing Mom and Dad’s Redwood Deck

After Sam and Dad made some repairs to the Redwood deck in Mom and Dad’s back yard, it was time to give that baby a face lift. The only way to accomplish this massive task, is to use water…

9 years ago, Sam had done a lot of repairs and upgrading to my parents yard and landscaping, which also included power washing some other sections of Redwood landscaping features. At that time, we borrowed their neighbors power washer. Unfortunately, borrowing it again was not an option, so Dad purchased a Ryobi gas pressure washer.

I arrived in the middle of the operation:

An old redwood deck with a power washer placed on it and a man on the upper deck washing it

The beauty that high pressure water reveals is astounding! Check our this planter box, where you can clearly see the new vs. aged wood:

A redwood deck with a planter box on it with the sides of the box in the middle of power washing showing the old vs new wood

And here is the corner that was fixed last in my previous post:

A redwood deck in the middle of being power washed showing the old vs new wood

Dad, Sam and I were all huddled around this corner, watching each other power wash, and eagerly making up excuses to get our own hands on this new toy. “Look! You missed a spot! Let me do it.” And in Sam’s case, he was showing me different techniques of power washing.

Nearing 7:45, I overheard Sam asking Dad what we were doing for dinner while the power washer was in my hands. Dad and I jumped in to action to go forage up some grub, when he saw a money shot of a before and after power washing on the flower box:

A redwood planter box with the inside molding showing moss growing on it, and the top with new wood after being power washed

A spot had been over looked! I love this mossy look, even though it’s bad for the wood. It will probably get washed away; and I’m so happy dad saw it so I could take this photo!

Day two:

We finished power washing!! It took all day, and we got it done! Plus all the stairs. Even Sam’s mom Joyce got in on the action.

A woman using a power washer to restore redwood stairs in a back yard

The redwood is really starting to show itself now:

A power washed redwood deck

Next up? Staining!

With Love, Erika Nora

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