Tuesday Photo Challenge – Ancient

Ok, so really… Dutch goes the Photo! Came up with a brilliant theme this week, Ancient! And it’s really the perfect platform to share some truly unique photos I took a few years ago in mid Eastern Utah.

My uncle Bill lives there, and has explored many areas down on the desert, and one year on Father’s Day, Sam and I traveled down there to meet up with Bill and my Dad.

Bill took us on an executive tour, only one that the locals and few explorers may know about.

The first stop? A Dinosaur print:

Ancient dinosaur track in Utah

This guy was in the middle of a desert canyon, and we seemingly randomly stopped when Bill saw a certain rock on the side of the road. You’d never see this marker as a traveling tourist.

We hiked up only about 500 feet, and there it was!

Next, down on the flat desert near a wash, we walked around on some rocky ground, until Bill found this dinosaur bone:

Fossilized dinosaur bone in the desert in Utah

Next, we’re some remote petroglyphs in the desert canyons.

Ancient petroglyph wall drawings in the Utah desert

There is a giant wall nearby where all the tourists go to see petroglyphs, but these are the back yard, “hidden” areas which are less popular.

Ancient petroglyph wall drawings in the Utah desert

And my favorite:

Ancient petroglyph wall drawings in the Utah desert

Still a mystery to this day, it is unclear how the ancients painted these rocks.

I hope you liked my photo challenge! And thanks to Frank for the wonderful theme.

With Love, Erika Nora


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