Flower Planting: Round 2

After the first round of flower planting, I had been feeling like we still needed more color in the garden. What to do? Well, we could forego flowers, really, but why not browse for a little extra pop somewhere?

Mom and I stopped in at another local greenhouse. Closed. And our last ditch effort brought us to Rudy’s Greenhouse. We pulled up, and their greenhouses were pretty bare. And can you believe it? They were clearing out their plants for the season! They had amazing deals going on… so Mom and I each grabbed a cart and went shopping.

There were about 20 greenhouses here, and all but two were bare. Here is Mom browsing the fuller of the two greenhouses:

A woman browsing a near empty greenhouse

I feel like God, my higher guidance, answered my wishes. “You want more flowers? Here you go!”

It’s truly a miracle, because here are the flowers we purchased for the SAME PRICE as the first round of flowers we picked up.

A wooden table in a yard full of flowers and plantsA cart at a greenhouse full of flowers

Two truckloads full. Thanks 👌

Now on to the “fun” part. Planting.

We tilled an area that needed flowers, and set them out for arrangement.

A landscaped garden hillside with flowers in pots ready to be planted

Have you ever seen that movie “Holes”? Well, I definitely thought of a few scenes while continuing with my project.

We got these holes dig deep and large:

Flowers in a hole ready to be planted

And planted them:

Flowers in a landscaped redwood flower box freshly planted

Then I did a row of Vista Silverberry Supertinias in the front.

Vista silverberry supertunias ready to be planted in a redwood flower box

Here’s my before and after!

Before and after planting flowers in a landscaped yard in redwood flower box retaining wall

With Love, Erika Nora


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