We are Married!

We did it! We are married! My heart is so full, and the wedding went very smooth. We had around 50 people attend, only inviting our closest friends and family.

There were 3 people I HAD to have there with me. My cousin Holly from Arizona, and my best friends Nick from California, and Liz from Southern Utah. They ALL made it!

This weekend filled my heart with overflowing love and gratitude to my people. Before I make a post with official wedding photos, I’ve got a few that have been gathered in the meantime.

We finished the floral arrangement on the arch:

A decorated wedding arch made of tree branches and pink, white and purple silk flowers

And the day of, my Nicky went with me to get the wedding cake. It was a little nerve racking getting it home, and the journey was filled with joyous high-school giggling the entire drive. My Nicky always brings that out in me!

A man in a truck with a wedding cake on his lap looking nervous

He looks a little nervous, eh? Oh, by the way, my Nicky is the one who introduced Sam and I! If it weren’t for him, this wedding may not exist!!

The vows were perfect. Sam was able to recite his without notes, and I had to have a little help with my cliffs notes; I was so nervous!

Sam showed up as my man in black, and more handsome he was, than I could have imagined.

Overall, the day went very smoothly, and I couldn’t appreciate the people in my life more. The whole event really opened my eyes as to how much I need these people in my life, and the effort I feel I need to make to bring us all together more often is astounding.

These friendships that have been fostered are everlasting, and the type that needs not much nurturing to keep it alive, which can be so refreshing for somewhat recluses like Sam and myself.

The night ended late, and we squeezed in one last selfie before everyone departed:

A group selfie in a kitchen

We completed our mission!!! It feels so right.

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. Congrats!!! I love the very cute decor!! Although no marriage is perfect, what helped us along the journey of marriage was applying practical bible principles as mentioned . At Ephesians 5:28, 29, 33 it shows how husbands and wives are to lovingly interact with each other. I hope this touches your heart as it did ours! Best wishes!!

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      • You are so welcome! I find that the Bible gives practical wisdom for a family to run as was intended. HE lovingly provided this to us as we are all imperfect and need guidance. At Ephesians 6:1 it even speaks on how children are supposed to behave in regards to their parents. If we all do our part then it can lead to a successful family life 😊

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