The Wood Stockpile

Ever wonder what Sam’s wood collection looks like? I’ll show you:

Organized wood racks filled with milled lumber

See that other pile of wood in the distance off to the right of the house? That’s a reclaimed oak pile, just as big as this pile of wood in the front of the house. Maybe bigger…

Organized milled wood on wood racks outside with a wood shed in the background

And do you see the shed in the background? Sam built it two years ago. We thought it would be used to store the garden tools, AND wood. Now- it’s the “wood shed” and we store most of the garden tools in the well pump house.

After years of working at a cabinet shop, grabbing the secondary wood meant for the dumpster and actually purchasing a ton of wood, (literally, I think he purchased at least a ton) we have materials to build with.

All the furniture he has built so far came from this stockpile. Can you believe it?! And he has even thinned it out a few times.

What will he be building next? The world may never know…

We are on to moving forward with f…l…i…p…p…i…n…g the house (the slowest house flip in history.) and next on the agenda is the plumbing. We have to get a plumber out here to run a drain from our new bathroom to the septic tank.

This would be why all of the wood is out of the garage. The plumber needs to access the back wall of the garage in order to complete this task. We’ve been trying to arrange a meeting with a plumber for 2 weeks now, with no luck on call-backs, or even the plumber showing up when they said they would! sam has called over 7 plumbers now.

These tradesmen out here are hard to come by… and they are getting more expensive by the day. I guess that’s why we’ve decided to do a lot of house flipping ourselves…

So next on the agenda- Sam has cleaned out the workshop we moved into the house over the winter, and we will be getting on with some drywall mudding and texturing.

Now I get to go through boxes and boxes of items that we’ve stored in the garage over the years, and thin that out too. I wonder what lost treasures will be found?

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. Oh, how nice to have all that wood!! My father was a carpenter/general contractor so we always had a stockpile around when I wanted to make something, now I don’t have the space to store much, but I have a small pile to work with!

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