Transplanting Perennials

After our wedding in my parents back yard, and a quick honeymoon getaway, it was time to face our own yard.

The Peony’s and Hydrangeas that were planted for decor at the wedding are meant for my front yard, I’m telling you!

So Sam and I got to work on the front yard last weekend.

Weeds are taking over. Everywhere. We have a viney type weed (I think it’s called bindweed; and it strangles anything it can touch!) which eventually turns into a somewhat nice looking ground cover witch white flowers, and it’s having a party in my tomato garden area.

I got rid of the weeds, and hand tilled the space.

By the way- if you don’t have a power tiller, this tool works great!

A garden tilling tool standing in a small garden box

Slam it down in the dirt, and rotate while lifting up.

I remember tilling this area with a shovel last year, and this garden tiller tool made is so much easier.

So then, I got on with planting my tomatoes. A little late in the year, but they grow so well here in my yard, I know they will take off in no time. They get half sun here, hit by the morning sun each day, and that is the secret to my tomato garden.

A before and after photo of a garden box full of weeds before, and planted tomatoes with cages after

These guys will be one giant bush by September… and the season of fresh salsa with my street tacos will soon be upon us!

Oh! I guess I was also going to tell you about my perennials?

Well, check it out. We prepared this front bed area for the first time, to actually house pretty plants.

A before and after photo of a garden box in front of logs, full of dead grass before, and healthy looking dirt with Peony’s and Hydrangeas after

To the right, we have our Peony’s, and to the left, we have our Hydrangeas.

We’ll see which plants do well here. Hopefully both of them!

And a little design change; we decided to add some pink roses and ground cover to this area as well:

A flower box full of roses, peonies, Hydrangeas and ground cover

The transplants are going through a bit of shock right now, especially the Hydrangeas, and hopefully they will make it here.

We were a bit productive last weekend!

With Love, Erika Nora


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