Stamped Concrete Repair

Here’s what we did:

There’s a spot of stamped brick cement at my parents house that hasn’t held up like the rest of their cement landscaping has. About 9 years ago, Sam re-poured sections of concrete, including this brick, and now we are on to it again. You can see in the bottom left that the 9 year old brick is still holding up ok. Now we are on to sweeping out old cement bricks, pouring new concrete, and shaping new bricks.

Two men working on pouring new tinted cement and shaping it into bricks

After pouring a few patches of tinted cement and shaping the bricks by hand, we decided to pour a base layer of un-tinted cement over the rest of the missing section, so we wouldn’t go through the cement tinted so quickly:

Cement stamped bricks with a section of missing bricks, filled in with gray cement

Mixing this stuff by hand is hard work!

After a day of drying, we started to pour more tinted cement, and shape the bricks by hand again. (When I say “we” I really mean “Sam and Dad.”)

A section of stamped cement bricks with repairs and new sections of hand molded cement bricks poured in place

Up close, it looks messy, but from a distance, it looks really good! A lot better than before.

Another section of of cement wall was damaged as well, so we needed to repair that too. We brushed off all of the loose rock and cement facing that we could:

A crumbling cement wall in need of repair

This is another section that Sam also fixed about 9 years ago that has crumbled further from the initial fix:

A crumbling cement wall corner in need of repair

Sam applied some cement to the crumbling crevices, much like you would apply dry wall mud. After it dries a bit, he went over it with a wet wash cloth, rubbing down the sharp edges to make it smooth.

A cement wall with repaired cement patches on the top

Doesn’t look half bad, eh?

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. Umm, is there anything that Sam doesn’t do??? You guys sure are getting things done, do you ever rest?! Concrete patches look great! My Grandfather was a concrete contractor and I helped out on a few jobs, not an easy job, mad respect for those that do it everyday!

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    • Dang, you come from a total construction background, eh? That’s really cool. Yeah, these projects really do run us ragged some times, and I feel really thankful we both have good health to make it through some of these tasks! We were thinking of starting up a handyman business…


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