Park City, Utah – our quick Honeymoon Getaway

The weekend after our wedding, Sam and I hopped off to Park City for a quick Honeymoon. (Our big Honeymoon vacation will be to Northwest Arkansas in the fall.)

It has been about 7-8 years since we’ve visited Park City, and felt it was the perfect quick Honeymoon destination.

Here’s our happy “We’re on our way” car shot:

A man and woman in a truck smiling

We took the scenic drive, and entered in the back way to the city, and you can see some of the ski resort runs in the mountains. (don’t mind the dirty windshield in the way of some of these photos)

A view of Park City Utah ski resorts from the highway during Summer

No ski resorts were open in Park City, but not far off, higher up in the mountains, Snowbird was still open to skiers!

We cruised main street, found a parking spot, and headed off for a bite to eat.

A man and woman in a restaurant smiling

The Eatery was the closest place that still served breakfast around 2:00, so that’s where we started. (Sam’s go to meal is ALWAYS breakfast.)

Over our meal, we decided to stay at an Inn located at the top of the hill on Main Street which we spotted as soon as we drove in.

Treasure Mountain Inn at Park City Utah

Treasure Mountain Inn is a great place to stay, with a small kitchenette and balcony in each room. The kitchenette made me long for an extended stay, so I could cook a home made meal away from home. Funny, huh? A fun fact about me; I LOVE to cook!

Check it out!

A balcony in a room at the Treasure Mountain Inn at Park City Utah

We spent, maybe, 10 minutes on the balcony, but it was pretty charming to have large windows with natural light.

A room at the Treasure Mountain Inn at Park City Utah

The kitchenette was a perfect size, stocked with dishes, and a coffee maker. I’ll tell you what though- don’t drink the coffee they stock in the room! I’m not sure they sure be allowed to actually call it coffee…

We strolled Main Street after we got settled in to our room, and dipped in and out of all the local artist galleries.

And since I’ve neglected to take photos of the Main Street, here’s a free stock photo I found meant for editorial use only, but this is the street we were strolling up and down:

An istock photo of the Park City Utah Main Street

Hands down, our favorite gallery was Lund’s Fine Art Gallery. They showcase all sorts of art, ranging from jewelry, to Bronze, to giant oils on canvas.

A different shop we stepped in to showcased authentic antique furniture brought over from Germany. And then we ran into the most perfect farm house table design ever.

An old German farmhouse table in a shop in park city Utah

The joinery was exquisite, and you can tell that this is an authentic 100+ year old Oak wood table.

An old oak table in a shop in park city Utah

The price? Was not listed. Instead, this was tagged as “Private Collection”. If only that wood could talk!

Unfortunately, I felt uncomfortable taking photos of art and furniture in these shops- looking back, I should have just asked the cashiers if I could, so I could blog about their wonderful stores. Oh well- next time.

A side street in Park City Utah where no cars are allowed, photo taken in the summer

We stepped off main street after a while to sit on some benches on a side street with no traffic. Check it out! It’s pretty cozy, and in the winter, people ski freely down this street to their destination.

A man sitting on a bench on a side street in Park City Utah in the summer

After making our way down the hill, we hopped on the free trolly to get back up the hill, and headed into a bar to catch the UFC fights. We landed a nice seat right next to a TV.

A man and woman at a bar in Park City Utah smiling

The plan was to bar hop for the night, but we kept ending up at The Spur Bar & Grill. It was a great place with good bar tenders, waitresses, and food!

Later on in the night, we found our way to the back of the bar where a local band was playing covers of Sublime, Rage Against the Machine, and even Violent Femmes!

Sam was the first person on the dance floor, staking out his position up in front of the band of course, and I followed his lead. After about 30-40 minutes of us being the main two dancers on the floor, it was like a sudden eruption of dancing! The entire bar was filled with dancing people, shoved in so tight we could barely make our way to the back for a dance break!

In the end, we made it out of the bar, after sliding past (or should I say rubbing past) at least 100 people, only to see that there was a line waiting to get into the back for the entertainment. We made it in to the performance before the head count got too large for capacity. It was a great night!

The next morning, we woke up and the day was a bit rainy. We ended up hitting the outlet shops here before heading home- and I even caught a photo as we were driving past the Olympic Long Jump Park. (Sorry about the glaring orange parking pass)

The Utah Olympic Park in Park City Utah, showing the long jump hill from the highway, on a rainy day in the summer

Then we finally made our way back home. It was a great Honeymoon getaway, and now I can’t wait until our big Honeymoon in Arkansas in October!

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. You two look so happy, and you should, that town looks awesome! We also went to Utah for our honeymoon, but we did Zion National Park, which was amazing! You sound just like us, we always end up at the same bar on our travels, once you find a place that works, why keep looking? And we would have been right up there with you dancing in front of the band, lol! Now I can’t wait to read about your real honeymoon in October!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zions is a great place, huh? Are you guys into hiking? What made you choose Zions?
      Yeah, the bar we found was great and the staff was really welcoming too! (We wandered around a few other places where that wasn’t the case) You sound like our type of people! Lol. Do you often cocoon yourself in your own bubble as well? Haha.
      I can’t wait for Arkansas either! Thanks again Tiffany ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank You! It’s our official 1 month anniversary today, and we are still excited to finally be married.
      The Inn was perfect, and very cozy for us 😊


  2. Hi! Yes, my husband got me into hiking, we love camping and exploring the outdoors, he even lived in Yosemite for a while. Zion is magical, I need to go back again. We are going to Big Sur in September, looking forward to that too! Perhaps someday we can get together and have a drink or two!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, I would a LOVE to meet up! I hope we can work that out in the future 😁. Big Sur sounds really fun and beautiful! You should share some pictures when you go. I used to go camping a lot when I was younger, but now Sam and I just go fishing when we get out to do nature. Or sit by a lake.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for your like! Love Utah – we were there twice in Zion Nat. park and Bryce Canyon – to me it’s even more stunning and inspiring than the Grand Canon. Congrats with your anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

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