Tuesday Photo Challenge 171- Rectangles

Frank from dutchgoesthephoto.net posted a new photo challenge!

I thought this challenge suited Sam and I perfectly; since Sam collects rectangles, and makes pretty rectangles!

Here is a pile of our raw rectangles. Wood of many exotic species. Mostly Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, and Walnut:

A pile of oak, mahogany, cherry and walnut wood

And he turns them into this:

A man standing next to two tall apothecary cabinets that he made

A reclaimed oak dresser

These are my rectangles made with love!

Thanks Frank for the great topic!

With Love, Erika Nora


    • I feel the same way! My Sam is such an artist. My favorite wood used to be Cherry, and now it’s turning into Walnut. The Classic Chocolate Brown Walnut stain really gets me excited.


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