Installing my new Gas Oven/Stove!

My oven went out. Right in the middle of me baking my new favorite: fiber brownies. Seriously… this was the first time I had tried this new recipe, and for 3 hours, nothing was happening. So in to the toaster oven they went! And hey, the toaster oven was a great backup. But wth? Really though, I’ve been expecting this oven to go out since we bought the house. Check it out:

An old beige gas oven/stove.

It must be over 25 years old. And since it came with the house, we didn’t see a need to replace it, for years. Haha, just like our water heater tank I guess? So I got my brain going…

Where do you find a good deal on a stove/oven? We first checked out our local appliance store which features “Ding and Dent” sales. There were some decent options, and after leaving the store, I figured we may be forking over $750+ for our new oven and stove top.

Really, what I wanted deep down in my new oven was the new black-stainless model featuring a middle burner that has a flat grill top. The black stainless doesn’t show fingerprints near as much as the stainless models do, and the flat grill plate would replace my clunky portable grill top that I pull out only when I’m extremely compelled to make some good burgers or hash browns. But, the motivation has to really be there.

Well, we moved on to good old Home Depot to pick up more mud & drywall, when I told Sam: let’s go check out their oven selection, to see what other stores are up against?

And would you believe- the exact model I’ve been seeing in my wildest dreams- was sitting there for the taking!!!

A new gas oven/stove in the store with a price tag on it

And for 53% off!!!

A close up view of a price tag on a gas stove top in the store

I guess this model was being discontinued for some reason, and they wanted their display oven out of the store. Don’t mind if I do!

So we strapped this baby on to our trailer, and took her on home.

A man sitting next to a new gas oven/stove that has been strapped down on the back of a trailer.

And here’s our old oven, which has helped us get along with our meals for the last 6 years. Lately it has been taking about an hour and a half to cook chicken… Yup, definitely time for an upgrade.

An old beige gas oven/stoveAn old gas oven/stove that has been pushed down some exterior stairs and a man and old lady looking at the camera in a cluttered front yard.

So we pulled her out, and threw her down the stairs. Fits right in with the rest of our mess in front of the garage, eh? (We are working on plumbing and drywall in the garage as well, so that’s why all our stuff is on display in our driveway.)

A gas valve shutoff with gas tubing attached

All this installation took was turning off the gas on the valve behind the old appliance, removing the gas line from the old unit, a quick cleaning on the ground and walls, and attaching the same gas line to the new unit.

Gas tubing attached to an oven.

With the installation complete, all I had to do was run the oven for an hour before baking anything. And done!

A new black stainless steel oven installed in a kitchen.

In the meantime, we took out a skinny cabinet to the right of the new oven, and replaced that space with some white cabinets. Now I’m thinking of painting my old wooden cabinets white!

Thanks for reading 🤗.

Do you want to install or replace something in your house? What is it?

With Love, Erika Nora


  1. My, you guys sure have a lot of projects going on! LOVE your new range, that center grill thing would be so nice!! Don’t you just love how “one thing leads to another” with home improvement projects? Have fun painting your cabinets, I will be watching for the before and after shots!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh geez, it all cascades from one thing to another!!! I for sure recommend the center grill top👍. I’ll be posting our giant room here soon, so you can see what we’ve really been up to! Thanks again Tiffany. I always look forward to your comments 🤗


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