Skinny Entryway Table

I was chatting with my boss Cheri last week, and she briefly mentioned that she could do with a table next to her filing cabinet. Nothing too big, just something to hold her oils diffuser and maybe a vase.

Was she asking me to make her one? No. Did she want me to make her one? Who knows; but I immediately jumped on the new project.

I asked her to send me a picture of what she was thinking:

Something like this, but with gray legs…

So the first place we went shopping was the Restore for paint! I picked out the best gray paint that was available, and we also picked up a small amount of oil based poly! I love our Restore finds.

Sam had a few good pieces of pine wood, so we used one good piece for the top which we miter framed with a 2″ skirt.

Reclaimed wood plank with nail holes and two mitered 2x3s on the sides for molding

Then, we cut down 2 2×3’s for length for the 4 legs, notching them out on the ends on two sides with the table saw for a bit of skirt support, and attached them:

Wooden 2x3s notched out and ready to attach to the bottom of a table

Then it was time for painting! We taped off around the legs, and went for it.

Gray painted legs on a reclaimed wood table

In the meantime, we had picked out another pine-reclaimed plank (to go on top of the bottom runner) and cut down a 2×4 to size with our table saw and planer for the bottom runner. We painted the 2×4 piece before attaching the reclaimed pine topper together, and again attaching these two pieces to the table for support.

Then, we stained the wood using a dark walnut wipe stain. (Lesson: stain and paint all pieces before assembling. It would be much easier than taping off)

Skinny reclaimed wood table with a dark walnut stain and green gray painted legs

Ironically, the paint we picked up at the Restore was the exact same color as the wall paint in our new bedroom! Check it out! The gray I found has a green tint to it.

After looking at the table for a day, I decided that the skirt was definitely not long enough. (Lesson: I knew in the picture given as an example that the skirt looked really long, and it’s because you’ve got to have a skirt that is longer than the legs are wide; or else it just looks puny.)

So, we added another skirt, re-stained everything a third time, and then oil-poly’ed the wood.

Skinny reclaimed wood table with a dark walnut stain and green gray painted legs

This longer skirt made all the difference! That was it: the finished weekend project.

Skinny reclaimed wood table top with a dark walnut stain
Skinny reclaimed wood table shelf with a dark walnut stain and green gray painted legs

It ended up pretty good! What do you think?

With Love, Erika Nora

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