TBT – Log Retaining Wall

When we first purchased our home back in 2013, it was bare. No trees, no shrubs, no landscaping: a super easy yard to keep up. But that’s not us! We craved mature trees, and bends and curves amongst our grass.

One of the first improvements that Sam did was a low budget retaining wall.

A two story house with tan siding and stairs leading to the front door on the top level with grass in the front

Sam got the help of one of our friends son’s to come over and work on the front yard with him.

The trench was dug where these logs would be placed.

Sam was extremely motivated, enough to keep going at it in the rain!

Two men looking at a hole dug into the grass in a yard in the rain

Here are the lovely logs. And the story behind these beauties? We were at a building my dad was running a side business at, and off to the side of this building was a field that was quite swampy. Laying in the swamp mess, were these giant logs.

Big logs set up on their ends in a row in a front yard set in a trench in the grass

Sam immediately inquired about hauling these babies home for our yard, and permission was granted. After hooking them up to our SUV, and pulling them out, we somehow loaded them on our trailer. I still don’t understand how we got these monsters on there.

Anywho: Sam got to work stabilizing these guys in preparation for their new location.

A man securing supports behind some logs in a front yard

And in order to make them more stable, he placed some bricks underneath them instead of resting them on the dirt.

Logs standin up on their ends on top of bricks in a front yard with a house in the background

Years ago we were searching through our local army salvage junk yard, and found this rope that is tied around our logs. We were going for a boat dock type look back then.

Logs stood up on their ends with rope wrapped around them and a triangle flower box in front of them

And, a few years later: here’s our lovely logs with my roses and peonies and Hydrangeas. (See my post on replanting these perennials here.)

It took us about 4 years to finally plant some flowers in this empty flower box, but we accomplished the task this year!

Logs stood up on their ends and a triangle flower box in front of them housing roses, peonies and Hydrangeas

Sam did take an outdoor stain to these logs as well to help preserve them.

What do you think?

With Love, Erika Nora


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