About me; #Bloggingbranding

This journey all started in 2013 when me and my partner bought a house together; 2850 square feet, with over 1000 still unfinished. We knew we wanted a project, but had no idea what we were in for. Sam worked on flooring and a small kitchenette in the basement so we could quickly move his mother in, and until 2017, we left our 850 sqft room above the garage unfinished.

In 2017, we got our act together, and started making progress on the house! The first thing we did, was hire a company to install a new HVAC system for this room. Slowly, plans for this area started emerging, (and re-emerging) including a master bedroom with a walkthrough closet and bathroom; leaving about 600 sqft for a living area.

Fast forward to this new year of 2019; and we are finished with the bedroom and closet. The bathroom and living area are still needing to be finished, but I’ll post about the individual rooms later.

Living in Utah, and being that the winter is unbearable to work in, we have now moved in a wood shop into our unfinished living room!!! Who knew that wood working was so near in our future? But that’s been our newest adventure and I’m extremely excited to see how this fresh journey turns out.

I want to post all of our creations and home improvement progress, so stay tuned!

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