The first cut of the season

So we let our lawn grow out quite a bit before we cut it this year. And we let it go a week longer than intended, since our lawn mower won’t start. (We switched out the battery, and it still won’t turn over. Any ideas?)

We loaded up my Dad’s nice big John Deer mower, and executed the first cut. (You can see before pictures here)

And here is the first cut!

A freshly mowed landscape in Northern UtahA freshly mowed landscape in Northern UtahA freshly mowed landscape in Northern Utah

Not so bad! After that, we fertilized with some garden safe fertilizer, and waited for the rain.

It was supposed to rain ALL weekend, but it was patchy at best.

Oh, by the way, I’m changing my review of the Ryobi weed wacker! It definitely deserves a 5/5 ⭐️. After the first two initial charges on the battery, we haven’t run it out! And the benefit of not having to pull string out manually makes all the difference. We’ve also not had to replace the string that came with it stock, and I’m increasingly impressed.

I had to use a few rounds of the weed wacker to get around the edges and reveal the circle of rocks that are placed around trees, then we mowed, and hit the perimeter again with the wacker after mowing.

The following link is an affiliate link:

Purchase your Ryobi String Trimmer and String here!

How are your yard projects going?

With Love, Erika Nora


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