Wood Shed Landscaping

(After a month of hiatus- here’s the last post I started drafting on October 1st!)

Sam has been at it again over the past few weeks, getting in some of the final landscaping for the front of the house before the weather turns. (Which is very unpredictable here in Northern Utah)

The first snowfall has ranged as early as mid October, all the way to Christmas Eve. And to be honest- it looks like it’s going to be an early snowfall this year. (Which it did snow in late October, but did not stick)

Sam had worked on gathering ALL of his wood into one pile- and turns out that he owns 12,000 board feet of Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Mahogany. Anyways, he found some timbers in his pile that would get him started on some curb appeal in the front of our house.

A few extra sticks from Home Depot, and some outdoor stain- and we have the skeleton for the frame of our shrubs in front of the shed.

A woman in a yard applying outdoor stain to wood

Joyce helped out with the painting too!

Next, Sam laid out the timbers for placement:

A woodshed in the background with some shrubs in front, and timbers laid our around the shrubs

And made some cuts:

Landscaping timbers in place surrounding shrubs

All weeds were whacked down using our electric Ryobi weed trimmer.

Shrubs with landscaping timbers around them, and black weed barrier rolls inside the box

Black weed barrier was laid out all around the shrubs within the new box.

Shrubs surrounded by landscaping timbers with black weed barrier laid out inside the box

And to secure the timbers in place, a hole was drilled to insert some rebar through the wood, into the ground.

Landscaping shrubs box with the tools used in front of it

After a few truck loads of bark and gravel,

A short bed truck with a large front end loader behind it

We have our landscaping compete by the woodshed!

Landscaped shrubs in a yard in Northern Utah

With Love, Erika Nora

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